The physical therapy constitutes a treatment with various types of natural factors such as: water, light, sound, electricity. Naturally, all those factors are applied through special instruments, determining the dose of application, duration of treatment and type of treatment. Ciambella Physical is equipped with the most sophisticated instruments and its professionals, namely, doctors specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as physiotherapists, provide services of examination, clinical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering problems with locomotors system. The best results are particularly evident in the following areas: trauma and sport injuries, diseases and spine injuries, rheumatic conditions and diseases, injuries of central and peripheral nervous system, disorder of peripheral vein circulation.


We hope that you will find all information pertaining to physiotherapy and any particular service that we offer. In case of any ambiguity, please, visit us at the following address:
BANJA LUKA (Trapisti)
Ulica Ilije Garasanina bb
or telephone: +387 51 305 678


In our consulting room, we conduct the following: clinical examination of the doctor specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, clinical examination of the doctor specialist in orthopaedics with traumatology, complete physical therapy – computerised electro-apparatus EXPERT PLUS, impulse magnetic field SUPERA, therapy ultrasound ECO SCAN, preosotherapy QUEEN PRESS, laser therapy ENERGY, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, Chinese therapy, manual massage, short-wave diametric COMFOTHERM, osteoporosis diagnosis by ultrasound OSTEODENSIOMETRY, ultrasound of child hips and ultrasound of soft tissues. više o tome >>>>